Utah Man Finds Bones In His Backyard, And They're Probably Human

You could blame the dog. You'd be wrong.

A Utah man uncovered some old bones while digging a pond in his backyard on Wednesday. He thought they looked human, so he called Salt Lake City Police.

Police handed the bones over to state medical examiners, who suspected that the bones are human and very old.

"I've had cases before where I've seen they've just brought (bones) back and booked them into evidence, but there must be something with this case to where they actually got the medical examiner involved," Detective Veronica Montoya told KSL. "Usually [if it's] be fragments or something, then that's when they bring those back to be tested at a later date, but in this case a medical examiner did respond and take custody."

Examiners told the station that they'd run tests to date the remains and determine for sure if they are indeed human.

The home owner has been asked to put his project on hold while the matter is investigated.

Although uncommon, other people in the U.S. have found bones in their backyards.

In 2012, an Iowa family was out picking blueberries in woods near their home when they stumbled across a mammoth femur jutting out of a creek.

Later that year, a Michigan boy who was helping his dad construct a dam in their backyard found a 13,000-year-old mastodon vertebrae.



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