'Bones' Series Finale Takes Us On A Roller-Coaster Ride Of Panic

But then sort of, kind of, gives fans what they are looking for.

Well, “Bones” has come to an end

After 12 seasons and 246 episodes, the Fox show closed its doors Tuesday night, leaving fans with a lot more answers than questions. 

Spoilers below for the final episode of “Bones,” “The End in the End.” You’ve been warned!

Although they were trapped inside the lab following the explosion, Bones (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz), Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and a pregnant Angela (Michaela Conlin) make it out alive, but sustain some injuries. Thankfully, Angela and her baby are OK, but Bones suffers a brain contusion, which Cam (Tamara Taylor) says has compromised “her ability to process complex information.” She still remembers things, but something is definitely off. 

**Panic sets in**

Despite it all, Kovac is still on the loose and Bones needs to help find him and his accomplice. She works with Angela and the team to try and analyze DNA ― which isn’t easy under her condition ― while Booth questions Kovac’s wife, Jeannine. 

In the most memorable scene from the episode, Bones confides in Booth about her brain damage, telling him that she doesn’t who she is anymore. 

“So much of my life, my intelligence is all I have,” she tells Booth. “My brain, the way I think, is who I am ... who I was. Now, I don’t know anything. If the thing that made me me is gone, who am I?” 

“You’re the woman I love,” Booth replies. “I don’t care if you know about the bones or we know how to solve crimes. All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This is you. Temperance Brennan. You. You’re my partner. Don’t forget that.” 

 **Insert swoon, but still panicking**

After investigating further, it turns out Jeannine was helping Kovac, who isn’t her husband, but her brother. Ugh. The crew tracks Kovac’s whereabouts and Booth, Bones and the FBI go to capture him. A shootout ensues, during which Booth hurts his hand and we think the worst is about to happen. (**Panic! Panic!**) But then, Bones realizes its a dislocation and she can fix it. Memory loss? Yeah, right! Both Bones and Booth end up safe and Kovac ends up dead.

All in all, it turns out Bones’ agnosia is going away, so she’ll be back to being herself in no time. Sadly, the show is ending, so we won’t get to watch her or her brain solve more mysteries.

**We knew this was coming!**

The episode ends with Bones and Booth sitting on a bench outside the lab, talking about how it will be reconstructed. Eventually, they walk off and bicker lovingly as they usually do. Yup, everything is good in the world. 

**Panic subsides**

Other notable moments from the finale: 

Aubrey (John Boyd) and Karen (Sara Rue) eat fried chicken together, signifying a possible romance.  

Cam and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) are adopting three boys from foster care, hence her leave of absence.

Hodgins will be the interim director of the lab, aka the “King of the Lab,” and, appropriately, freaks out. 

“I think it’s done in a way that is open to the audience and the fans to say thank you for these 12 seasons,” Boreanaz told The Huffington Post of the finale during a Build Series interview last month, “but also there’s hope for a possibility of a reunion or something of that nature down the line, which I would never say no to depending upon what it would be like and how it would be set up. But it’s a well-presented kind of ending and it ends, I’ll say, where it began.”

You had us at “reunion,” David. 

Watch Emily Deschanel talk the final season of “Bones” on Build Series below: 

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