'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' Is Trending All Over The Internet

Turn around ... unless you have special glasses.

A celestial event as rare as a total solar eclipse calls for musical talent as rare as ... Bonnie Tyler. 

As the moon slipped in front of the sun on Monday, skygazers everywhere rocked out to Tyler’s ’80s hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” propelling the song to No. 1 on iTunes by early afternoon. The 34-year-old track battled “Despacito,” the Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee summer anthem featuring Justin Bieber, for the top spot.

But Tyler can look forward to a nice bump in royalties from across the internet. The eclipse hype train has already caused a 500 percent bump in digital downloads in the week ending Sunday, Aug. 20, compared to the week before, Billboard reported from Nielsen data. 

Over on Spotify, streams of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” saw a whopping 2,859 percent increase compared to the same time two weeks ago, a spokesperson told HuffPost. Globally, its streams increased by 827 percent.

YouTube views of the music video spiked right around the time of the eclipse: 

And on Pandora, the song spiked 4,136 percent in streams on the service, bringing it to a total 146 million plays to date, a spokesperson said.

In honor of the spectacle ― or perhaps in the name of spectacle itself ― Tyler herself performed the song live on Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise just as the eclipse passed over the ship.

’Till 2024. 

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