Bono Blasts Donald Trump: He Doesn't Have 'The People Who Are Hardest Hit In Mind'

"That really saddens me."

U2 frontman Bono revealed just why he thinks Donald Trump isn’t up to the job of president.

The musician was outlining to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday his mission to eradicate extreme poverty and stressed that he has “so much respect” for a lot of the people who had voted Trump into the White House.

Bono said he understood why the political process left so many Americans angry and disillusioned. “But I don’t think he’s the cure for this problem, and I think he might even make it worse,” he added. 

The singer suggested there was no evidence from Trump’s life that shows “that he has the people who are hardest hit in mind.”

“That really saddens me because I know he likes to see their faces in the crowd but I don’t think he wants to know who they are when they go home,” Bono added.

Check out the full interview above.



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