What It Looks Like When 5,000 Bonsai Trees Change Color For Fall (PHOTOS)

COOL: Bonsai Trees Change Color For Fall In A Big (Little) Way

Here's a little trivia for today: Did you know bonsai trees change color in fall? We didn't, but it's true.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail posted gorgeous photos of red, orange and gold-leafed plants from England's Herons' Bonsai Nursery. We were so captivated by these beautiful little trees and we just had to share with you.

According to Bonsai Boy, we shouldn't be surprised by the transformation. Just like other trees, once the days become shorter and they receive less light, the chlorophyll begins to diminish and the classic autumn colors start taking over the leaves.

If you're not exactly feeling up to keeping a living thing in your house, you can always DIY this fall felt tree that's much easier to maintain. Head over to the Daily Mail and Bonsai Boy for more information.

Bonsai Trees

Autumn Bonsai

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