Boob Lives Don't Matter

So, I watched the recruitment video from Delta Gamma and while it had great looking girls, beautiful curves and sun and fun, there was something terribly wrong...

I grew up, and toiled in the world of advertising and pr. Sex sells, no doubt. People pay attention to Madison Avenue ads that go for the jugular...or the gonads. No problem there.

But a recent ad campaign by Delta Gamma says, quite frankly, if you look like Melissa McCarthy or Adele or have a disability that is noticeable, do NOT try and pledge for this sorority.

The digital explosion has enabled many to cue in to an amazing new technology. I know something about change. I served as an executive at MTV in the 80's and 90's. It was all about breaking the envelope and changing the way we think.

Yet, somewhere, along the way, the creative aspect became skewed. Influencing public opinion was one thing. Reinforcing stereotypes was another.

Some groups of the MTV era did just that. They exploited women, and their videos were singled out as being wrong.

But a new generation works with different rules.

There is entitlement...expectation..and a path cleared for success.

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in the Millennials to some extent. They have taken MY generation and pushed it further. And I salute them.

But for two steps forward, there are 3 steps behind. And Delta Gamma has filled that position.

Their recent recruitment video says: look pretty, have a great ass, be able to frolic in the sun and be nothing more than pretty.

Maybe their parents have told them they should push their assets. Or use what they have to become popular.

And that's where parenting has failed. I went to college in the 70's. I was political and did NOT buy in to frats. I saw them as staid, conventional. But what they DID do was work to make the world a better place. Charities. Causes. Social efforts. I didn't buy into the good ole boy network, but in hindsight, they tried to affect change.

Delta Gamma has missed the boat. Who doesn't like tits? But it promotes an archaic sense that looks matter, character doesn't.

I place the blame on people who want to insulate their children from the real world. A notion that college should only be fun. "Enjoy it now before you go into the real world."

Well, the real world is about strong women, people of substance, recognizing we are all different and whatever we are, it's OK.

Delta Gamma: Grow Up. Embrace a complex world. Revel in what you have and honor those who are not perfect.

In ten years, you'll be better people for it.