Boob-Shaped Weights From Ukraine Supposedly Heading To Sporting Goods Stores In October

The next dimension in bro fitness has arrived.

A Ukrainian ad agency is producing boob-shaped weights for an October launch in sporting goods stores, according to Ads of the World.

"Sports equipment for real men, who think about women all the time even when the iron is held in the hands," reads the copy on the ad platform site. The Kiev-based 306 Creative Communication Agency logo is printed on the bottom of the weights.

According to 306's Facebook page, the anticipation has been building. In an August entry, the agency posted a picture of the kettlebell-style breast replicas and wrote, "Trial casting was successful! Opened preorders!"

The weights come in small, medium and large and look like they've been hanging out in a cold gym.

We reached out to 306 to confirm that the so-called "Bob-boobs" are the real deal.

What's next -- vagina weightlifting? Oh wait, that already exists.

UPDATE: 306 reports back that fitness clubs and retailers have been very receptive. The 16-kilogram model will sell for $375, the 24-kilogram for $435 and 32-kilogram for $495.