Boobs Watching Boobs?

Had some time on my hands, what with having been left off the Playboy's Sexiest Sportscasters 2008 list, and as the HuffPo's female sportscaster in residence, thought I'd take some time to answer some of the 146 and counting responses to the contest.

First of all, to the braintrust who wrote the following comment: I heart boobies!.



That reminds me of one of the most bizarre and consternating moments of my career. On the way to a game at Ohio State a few years back, one of my ABC Sports broadcast colleagues, a former SEC Head Coach says to me out the blue, "Suzy, you think you'd do better in your career if you got a boob job?"

As insane as the question sounded at the time to me and my other partners, maybe he was on to something judging by the tone of the posts. It shouldn't take a $15,000 procedure to get ahead in the world of TV sports, but that seems to be the only thing being debated, not the quality and content of the reporting.

Sideline reporting may look insidious, superfluous, or just a total waste of airtime from where you sit, probably on a couch or a recliner, perhaps on a bar stool in your local brewery, but let me assure you, if you're one of the handful who take it as seriously as some of my colleagues do, it is anything but. It can be grueling and exhausting, with weather conditions ranging from freezing cold to blisteringly hot. At one of the games I broadcast at Florida State a few years back, the mercury soared to 105 degrees, and you try attempting to look composed and professional, providing insight from the benches while sweat pours into your eyes. Or the always pleasant challenge of elocution while standing in a 38 degree rainstorm, knowing you look like a drowned ferret but trying to convey information some may or may not deem important all the same.

What I love about this contest is how ridiculous it would be, were it to rank the hottest man-hunks in sports. I can see it now:

Babe-alicious Bob Costas

Sassy Stuart Scott

The Captivating Chris Fowler

And the comments: "Oohh, I just love it how Chris fills out his suit on the Gameday set."

Here is one of my other favorites: It seems sports on TV have been reduced to boobs watching boobs.

Sure seems like it from some of these comments, but it does make me wonder if women in sports truly have gained any ground since the days when Lesley Visser pioneered the craft. I get it, some chicks are just plain hot, and are seemingly there to rile up the wild beast within every couch potato -- that's why contests such as Playboy's Sexiest Sportscasters are out there -- but to the majority of women in the field, its yet another reminder of how far we still need to go to prove we belong on the playing field with the big boys.

Love this one as to why there are hot chicks in sports: Because sports mostly interests men and men are more interested in politics and the news in general. Women mostly like pretty things that smell nice. So men look at hot broads when we're watching TV.

Krikey. Wake me up when you're back from hunting wild boar, clubbing it over the head, and dragging it back to the cave.

Some reporters do a better job than others, and don't ask me to name names, because I need much more tequila to drop to that catty a place, but believe me, it ain't easy out there. And if you don't like it, don't watch. Or better yet, get your ass our there and try it for yourselves.

And the last, but intrinsically the loneliest in shared thought: here's a crazy idea: why not recognize women for good reporting instead of their rack?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go out and buy a Push-Up bra.