The 'Booby Trap' Sports Bra Holds A Knife Or Pepper Spray For Emergencies

Now THAT'S a booby trap.👙 👊 🏼

The name may sound silly, but Booby Trap Bra could help you -- and your chest -- feel seriously confident during your next run.

Booby Trap Bras Clothing Company
Booby Trap Bras
Jenny Morgan/Booby Trap Bras

Jennifer Cutrona, a mother of two, said she invented the Booby Trap bras after she was assaulted during a trail run near her Texas home. The bras come in editions that hold either pepper spray or a knife, storing the self-defense tools for quick responses should anything happen on the road.

And with soft nylon neoprene material, they're bound to make your boobies feel safe, too.

The Just In Case Pepper Spray Bra retails for $49.99, and the Just In Case Knife Bra is $54.99. Pepper spray and small rescue knives are sold separately on the Booby Trap Bras website.

Stay safe, stylish ones!

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