Booger-Eating, Nose-Picking Health Benefits: Canadian Professor Digs In

Is Picking Your Boogers And Eating Them Good For You?

Snack time!

A Canadian biochemistry professor is studying whether picking and eating your boogers could have health benefits, according to The Canadian Press.

Scott Napper, who teaches at University of Saskatchewan, theorizes that the mucus in our noses -- which traps germs before they get into our body -- could help train our immune system by exposing it to germs.

He wants to conduct a study in which a study group is introduced to some form of molecule, then have half of the study group pick their noses and eat the contents. The study would gauge the body's reaction to the molecule and the mucus around it.

"I think the challenge would be getting volunteers to participate in this experiment," he told the Canadian Free Press with a laugh. "Especially if you didn’t know which group you were going to fall into."

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