This Library Has A 'Mini Car Wash' For All Of Its Dirty Books

And it's perfect.

The romantics among us swoon over images of seemingly endless library shelves. But if you work in said library ― or happen to own a few shelves’ worth of books yourself ― a more practical concern leaps to mind: How do you keep all of those books dust-free?

There’s not an app for that (yet), but there is what Boston Public Library describes as its “mini car wash for books,” a machine that can clean around 12 books per minute.

The Boston institution shared a video of the machine in action on Twitter and explained how it’s used in its stacks. Books get the tune-up after they’re requested or digitized, the library explained.

“We do not use this machine on our rare books, just the books from our closed stacks. Most closed stack books don’t have dust jackets,” the library tweeted. Rare books, meanwhile, require more individualized care.

The Depulvera, as it’s called, isn’t the only book-dusting machine; it has competitors. But it is the only book-dusting machine being touted by a frightening ad and a lofty battle song.

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