Book Club: Spirituality vs. Fundamentalism

One of the biggest topics we've discussed since beginning "American Dervish" is the division between spirituality and fundamentalism. Is Mina an extremist in her views, or is she simply unwavering in her devotion? Is Hayat moving toward obsession with his own faith? Do Chatha and his wife resemble honest portrayals or worst case scenarios?

"This is a book about coming of age. Coming of age as a Pakistani in American culture, growing up in a society that questions the need for belief, a society that often uses religion as a scapegoat or a political tool." - rokinrev

"The book, what I have completed, definitely shows us how religion can be a comfort to its followers. Hayat retreats within the familiarity of his scriptures when things go poorly, for example. Mina allows her faith to be her cornerstone. However, the book also portrays religion as a weapon." - henderkyle

What do you think? Click here to leave a message on the discussion page, and join us tomorrow, Thursday, December 13th for our last group Google Hangout of the year. In two weeks we'll be joined by a very special guest to finish out our reading of this book.

Happy reading!