Book Clutch: Make Your Own Chic Purse Using Your Favorite Novel!

Fashion DIY: Make Your Own 'Hunger Games' Clutch!

I love things that are quirky, and if they border on the nerdy side of quirky, I love them even more. Olympia Le-Tan’s handmade embroidered book clutches are so perfectly and quaintly quirky that I immediately fell in love. If the clutches alone hadn’t already woo-ed me sufficiently, the film she made with Spike Jonze for Nowness definitely would have tipped me over the edge into obsession. The real thing starts around $1,300, but you can DIY for about $15! I used one of these newly reprinted classics from Barnes & Noble, they’re perfect for this with whimsical hardcovers and sturdy pages. Or you can make an awesome Hunger Games book clutch using a hardcover edition of the novel!

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