Book Dilemma

So, a few weeks ago, I was reading a book from the library. It was pretty good. I had about 20 pages left...and then, I lost it. I believe I lost it on a plane. I contacted the airline. They could not find it.

So, it's gone -- without warning, without reason, with only 20 pages left. I lost it to the bleak empty abyss of the universe. No explanation. No meaning.

Appropriately enough, this book was about...



A book about existentialism that has become its own existential quandary.

The book was The Fear of Insignificance by Carlo Strenger, which I highly recommend. It's a fast read. (But apparently I was not fast enough.) It has lots of wise insights about finding meaning in our crazy, globalized, polarized, Web 2.0 world.

Basically, we fear death, loneliness, and insignificance. We are bound to our backgrounds, and yet we strive to be our own person. This tension remains with us throughout our live and the choices we make to manage those tensions are what give our lives meaning.

Good stuff.

And with that I press on. Creating meaning in an otherwise meaningless universe.