12 Books For Anyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

They're a snap to wrap. They don't require an electrical outlet or a battery. Of course, we're talking about those au courant but timeless items: books.

Here are standouts for the most discerning loved ones on your list.

  • Thunder & Lightning
    By Lauren Redniss<br>272 pages; Random House<br><br><strong>For...Storm Chasers</strong><br>A gorgeous and illuminating illus
    By Lauren Redniss
    272 pages; Random House

    For...Storm Chasers
    A gorgeous and illuminating illustrated study of weather in all its tempestuous variety and humankind's courageous though ultimately puny attempts to comprehend it. Redniss's combo of fact, folklore and vibrant etched copperplate prints enthralls. 
  • The Broad Fork
    By Hugh Acheson<br>336 pages; Clarkson Potter<br><br><br><strong>For...Foodies Who Prefer to Eat In</strong><br>Written by a
    By Hugh Acheson
    336 pages; Clarkson Potter

    For...Foodies Who Prefer to Eat In
    Written by a beloved Georgia chef who extols the connection between community and cuisine, this vegetable-centric cookbook is ideal for the culinary dabbler who's always wanted to tackle kohlrabi (if not spell it). 
  • The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories
    816 pages; Pantheon<br><br><strong>For...Amateur Sleuths</strong><br>Admirers of logic and deerstalker hats know that Sir Art
    816 pages; Pantheon

    For...Amateur Sleuths
    Admirers of logic and deerstalker hats know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wasn't the only scribe to tell tales of the world's preeminent detective. Writers as venerable as O. Henry, Kingsley Amis and Neil Gaiman have penned fan fiction, the best of which is collected here. 
  • The Complete Stories
    By Clarice Lispector<br>640 pages; New Directions<br><br><strong>For...Insatiable Bibliophiles</strong><br>One of the 20th ce
    By Clarice Lispector
    640 pages; New Directions

    For...Insatiable Bibliophiles
    One of the 20th century's literary masters finally gets some respect with this career-spanning volume of short fiction. Haunting and essential reading for aficionados of Kafka, Borges and philosophically menacing vignettes of plucky women navigating a world overseen by dull men and an indifferent God.
  • Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See...Ranked
    By Lonely Planet<br>328 pages; Lonely Planet<br><br><strong>For...Escape Artists</strong><br>The vagabond always eyeing the n
    By Lonely Planet
    328 pages; Lonely Planet

    For...Escape Artists
    The vagabond always eyeing the nearest exit will be transported by this guide to the world's unmissable places—the Temples of Angkor, Big Sur and 498 others—put together by a leading voice in excursions, adventures and jaunts. 
  • Bream Gives Me Hiccups
    By Jesse Eisenberg<br>256 pages; Grove Press<br><br><strong>For...Comics in Training</strong><br>The Cineplex's next Lex Luth
    By Jesse Eisenberg
    256 pages; Grove Press

    For...Comics in Training
    The Cineplex's next Lex Luthor, also an acclaimed playwright, somehow found the time (and levity) to produce a short humor collection overflowing with high-strung characters entangled in absurd situations.
  • Dust & Grooves
    By Eilon Paz<br>428 pages; Ten Speed<br><br><strong>For...Nostalgic Obsessives</strong><br>Devotees of music <i>and</i> accum
    By Eilon Paz
    428 pages; Ten Speed

    For...Nostalgic Obsessives
    Devotees of music and accumulating, behold: glossy portraits of vinyl collectors and their record rooms. Or, to quote hip-hop journalist Jeff "Chairman" Mao's introduction, "a beautiful, lovingly constructed and heartfelt celebration of a senseless and punishing neurosis."
  • Beloved Dog
    By Maira Kalman<br>160 pages; Penguin Press<br><br><strong>For...Canine Canoodlers</strong><br>"You certainly know that your
    By Maira Kalman
    160 pages; Penguin Press

    For...Canine Canoodlers
    "You certainly know that your dog is...the dearest, funnniest, lovingest, loyalest friend you ever had," observes Kalman in a perfect gift book for whichever pooch-partial human companion comes in a close second.
  • Cabin Porn
    By Zach Klein<br>336 pages; Little, Brown and Company<br><strong><br>For...the Architecture Enamored</strong><br>The world-we
    By Zach Klein
    336 pages; Little, Brown and Company

    For...the Architecture Enamored

    The world-weary urbanite not quite ready to leave civilization behind can live vicariously through these sumptuous photos of simple structures from around the globe that prove small is beautiful. 
  • The Hollow of the Hand
    By PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy<br>232 pages; Bloomsbury Circus<br><br><strong>For...Good Samaritans</strong><br>From Kosovo t
    By PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy
    232 pages; Bloomsbury Circus

    For...Good Samaritans
    From Kosovo to Afghanistan to Washington, D.C., a musician-poet and a photographer record the on-the-ground pain and grace of everyday life—sequined high heels riding a city escalator; a man begging by the side of the road, palm outstretched, ignored. A stirring art book for the rare soul who reaches back. 
  • Creating the Illusion
    By Jay Jorgensen and Donald L. Scoggins<br>416 pages; Running Press<br><br><strong>For...Star-Struck Cinephiles</strong><br>Y
    By Jay Jorgensen and Donald L. Scoggins
    416 pages; Running Press

    For...Star-Struck Cinephiles
    You know Scarlett O'Hara's window-drape gown, Eliza Doolittle's Ascot dress and the Oompa Loompas' orange faces, but do you know who dreamed them up? The behind-the-seams artistry of Hollywood costumers is ready for its close-up in this opulent coffee-table book. 
  • Matisse in the Barnes Foundation
    By Yve-Alain Bois<br>824 pages; Thames &amp; Hudson<br><br><strong>For...Amateurs D'Art</strong><br>No art lover's library is
    Matisse in the Barnes Foundation
    By Yve-Alain Bois
    824 pages; Thames & Hudson

    For...Amateurs D'Art
    No art lover's library is complete without this showpiece: a three-volume reproduction of one of the world's most significant Henri Matisse collections.

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