16 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being A Book Hoarder

Let's just call it "book collecting."
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Your tallest TBR pile nearly collapsed on your cat the other day. You're out of both bookshelf space and space for more bookshelves. Your best friend has started meaningfully reading passages from Marie Kondo's The Magical Art of Tidying Up to you. You nearly started crying when your boyfriend suggested donating your old textbooks.

Sound familiar? You -- yes, you -- might just be a book hoarder.

But so what? Despite the minimalist craze that seems to be sweeping the country, there can be a lot of benefits attached to hanging onto all your books. If you just can't bear to clear your domicile of all but a shelf of treasured favorites (it's like picking a shelf of favorite children!), and you're worried that you're missing out on all the psychological and interpersonal benefits of embracing minimalism, just take a few deep breaths of old book-scented air and remember these 16 reasons to be proud of your book-collecting tendencies.

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