Book Lover Christmas Gift Ideas

6 Gifts For Book Lovers

The holiday season is fast approaching, but the holiday shopping season has already begun. It's time to figure out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list: the siblings, the significant others, the in-laws. Perhaps the most difficult loved one to shop for is the book lover in your life.

A book may seem like the perfect gift for a book lover, but we advise you to proceed with caution. Book lovers know the books that they love, and if they haven't checked out this year's greatest hits, it's likely by choice.

There is, of course, the option of giving a book that you personally enjoyed, but this could make you seem selfish, or worse yet, could secure your fate as a laughed-about gift giver in the next edition of The Books They Gave Me.

Instead, we recommend literary-themed gifts, such as stationary and Kindle covers. Here are six suggestions:

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