13 Perfect Gifts For Book Lovers

13 Perfect Gifts For Book Lovers

Buying a book for a book lover is risky business. For avid readers, selecting a new written adventure can be a deeply personal choice. With so many books to explore, it feels like a waste to read anything other than what's on their ever-growing to-read list. So what's one to buy for the girl (or guy) who has read everything?

We hate to perpetuate stereotypes about book lovers, but it's safe to say that most readers would enjoy one of the below gifts this holiday season, be it author paraphernalia, or something more practical, like e-reader covers.

Jane Austen Novel Journal
This adorable journal contains beautifully-illustrated quotes from Jane Austen's classics - it's sure to inspire you in your own writing. Chronicle Books, $14.95
Warby Parker Home Try-On Kit
The four-eyed book nerd myth may be a thing of legend, but that shouldn't stop you from giving any nearsighted reader in your life the gift of choice. Warby Parker's try-on kit allows you to select from five pairs.Warby Parker, $95.00 for standard frames
Penguin Drop Caps
The designers at Penguin Classics have a knack for repackaging beloved literature in a stunning fashion, and these titles - there's one for each letter of the alphabet - are no exception. Penguin, $20.00-$26.00
Classic Book Cover Fleece
Some people have favorite sports teams, book lovers have favorite translations. These cozy sweatshirts are a perfect way to show support for classic authors. Out of Print, $42.00
"Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines"
Well-behaved women may rarely make history, but this book, filled with lovely water colors of everyone's favorite female protagonists, proves that well-read women often do.Chronicle Books, $19.95
Wizarding school tank top
Wicked Clothes has a number of shirts that'll make Harry Potter fans swoon, from punny jokes to memorable quotes. Wicked Clothes, $9.99
'This Is How You Lose Her' Deluxe Edition
Junot Díaz beautifully-written collection of short stories gets a fittingly beautiful facelift. Riverhead, $40.00
Book map
Locations from over 600 works of English literature are included on this incredibly comprehensive book map.Approximately $40.00
Hardcover Case For Kindle Paperwhite
DODOcase makes Kindle covers that look and feel like real hardcovers, so your reading experience won't lack the very important tactile component. Dodocase, $39.95
Reconstructed Book
Depending on your opinion on "upcycling" old books for other purposes, these terrarium-inspired vintage books may or may not make for the perfect gift.The Library Laboratory
Write Like A Motherfucker Coffee Mug
A gentle reminder to young writers, quotes from Cheryl Strayed's Dear Sugar column on the Rumpus, this mug is as inspirational as it is charming. The Rumpus, $13.00
Gualala iPad Envelope
For the book lover in your life who prefers a glossy iPad screen to the Kindle or the Nook, this cloth case will go perfectly with their sleekly designed apps. Anthropologie, $48.00
Kids 'Wind in The Willows' Tee
For the young reader in your life, this shirt features art from the Penguin Threads version of the classic story. Penguin, $28.00
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