12 Emojis For Book Nerds We Desperately Wish Were Real

Because even avid readers get lazy when it comes to texting.

This post is dedicated to the bookworms of the world, those of us who spend too much time daydreaming about Hogwarts, life beyond the looking glass, and, every once in a while, Christian Grey’s red room. It goes out to the nerds who, even while texting, can’t get their imaginations out of last night’s book. 

If only there were emojis to suit our needs, to weave literature’s greatest symbols into our everyday conversations. If dementors existed alongside winky ghosts, Moby-Dick’s white whale next to heart-eyes, Frankenstein’s monster right up there with smiley poop. 

Below are 12 book-tastic emojis that, as of now, only exist in our dreams. But as readers know all too well, sometimes fantasy is all you need. But, really, if any programmers are reading this and can actually make them happen, that would be sick, thanks. 



Art History Emoji