'The Book Of Mormon' Comes To 'South Park' And It's Glorious

Well, this is just a beautiful thing.

Animator Simon Chong wondered what would happen if the characters from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "The Book Of Mormon" turned up in (Trey Parker and Matt Stone's) "South Park." So, using his impressive skills and the opening number from the Tony-award winning musical, he decided to answer his own question (and our prayers).

Watch Chong's fantastic unofficial music video for "Hello" above, featuring Elder Price, his brethren and some of your favorite "South Park" characters.

Note: This video is in no way affiliated with either production. As Chong wrote in the YouTube description, "It was made out of a genuine love for both the TV show and the stage musical... I hope so much that they don't kill me for what I've made!"

We do, too.



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