Book Review: A Cookie To Go

Some years ago I wrote a story about actor Jimmy Stewart and his dog Beau. The story centered on an appearance Stewart made on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where Stewart read a heartfelt poem he wrote about the recent passing of his dog Beau that deeply touched anyone watching the show that evening and those watching the video online today. If you own a dog and understand the deep relationship dog owners have with our beloved companions, it's really difficult to not shed a tear when watching the beautiful video.

Among many challenges of owning a dog, without question the most difficult is when the animal passes away, an experience most dog owners will have to deal with given their limited life spans. Dogs become a part of the family as most develop a symbiotic relationship with their canine companions.

A new book that touches on the emotions of losing a dog by renowned artist and writer DJ Kiggins titled A Cookie To Go is a heartfelt series of vignettes that tries to remind those who are left behind to recall their departed friends fondly while focusing on the love, fun, laughs, goofiness and companionship which endears us to our family pets. A Cookie To Go provides the reader with laughter at the antics of Norman the Golden Retriever, Phoebe the Bichon Frisé and the amusing Weimaraners, Emma and Teufel.

The new book is available on and provides a great laugh for all dog lovers.