Book Review: Getting Past Anxiety - An Inspirational Novel to Reclaim Your Life

Book Review: Getting Past Anxiety - An Inspirational Novel to Reclaim Your Life
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Getting Past Anxiety is an empowering, informative and motivational read. Melissa Woods book, " Getting Past Anxiety," provides readers with the insights to understand how to overcome anxiety without having to resort to prescription medicines. Most individuals do not realize that when we suffer from anxiety, fear, panic attacks and phobias that there is a reason buried deep inside us that causes these negative emotions that can impact our relationships, mental health, physical health, quality of life, and even destroy someone’s chances of becoming a success in the workforce.

In the introduction, the author Melissa opens up and lets you into her world sharing touching moments from her life journey. This book was written specifically written with one important goal in mind. To help readers get past their own anxiety. You will discover how certain foods can aid in calming the body, which minerals can help you sleep better, how massage can calm your body and nerves, how to change negative thinking and most importantly learn how to heal from it.

Stella the main character in the story shares a heartwarming story from her own life including how anxiety compromised her relationship, productivity, emotional stability and most important her physical health as she shares some heart-wrenching memories of moments caused by her anxiety.

In Getting Past Anxiety, Melissa A. Woods helps you understand with her words of wisdom that a journey of awakening does not require a traumatic event to occur in order to experience a rude awakening. Her teachings in the book give the reader an understanding that as long as you are open for guidance then guidance will make its way into your life. Woods gives you the opportunity to learn how to get past the anxiety and transform your life as she provides excellent guidance for anxiety in her astonishing book, Getting Past Anxiety – An inspirational novel to reclaim your life.

Getting Past Anxiety is packed with a magnificent well-written story. The story is detailed and descriptive. I was able to develop a clear image in my mind as her writing made you feel a part of the book and the same time I was able to relate to many parts of the story.

This alone intrigued my interest and makes the mind wonder about how much anxiety impacts all of us to some degree. Melissa A. Woods gives the reader a lot to take in and Woods does this with her excellent writing skills, as she gracefully entertains the reader with her story and at the same time she teaches the reader how to dig deep inside themselves to find the root cause that provokes the anxiety and how to heal and free yourself from this devastating disorder.

You are definitely getting your money’s worth in this book. Woods teaches readers how to reclaim their life giving them the ability to take back control in their lives, so they can experience happiness and live a healthy and productive life.

Melissa Woods provides brilliant insight on how to overcome your anxiety and transform your life including fabulous advice plus a wide-range of recommendations and tips derived from the story in her book. Each chapter takes you step-by-step into Stella’s world explaining how it all began, where it led her and how she brilliantly found the help and guidance she needed to heal and free herself from a disorder that was destroying her life.

Throughout the book, Melissa Woods provides a vast array of events in her life that helps readers acknowledge the vital importance of finding to root cause of their anxiety. So many people pop a pill to calm down or use medicine as a way to cope with their anxiety, but in this book, Woods helps you realize that you can free yourself from your fears and anxiety by using natural therapies to find the root cause and then moving forward to heal the wounds that created these anxieties. One important factor I acquired from reading this amazing book on getting past the anxiety was that it's crucial for individuals to maintain a healthy diet and incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily regimen. Creating a healthy lifestyle, meditating and eating right can help people overcome their anxiety disorder, their health and improve their overall quality of life.

In the beginning of the book, Stella shares how her anxiety interfered with her relationship with her long-distance boyfriend and how her anxiety slowly became worse as each day passed to the point where her anxiety was controlling her life and she laid hopelessly unable to figure out how to overcome this terrible disorder that had taken control over her life.

One fact that really grasped my attention when reading the book was when she mentioned how the medications were making her feel worse. Anxiety is a common condition consistently diagnosed in adults and many doctors hand prescriptions regularly to treat people diagnosed with this condition. One out of three Americans can’t get on an airplane. Statistically, 6.3 million Americans are diagnosed with a phobia. Could it be possible that a majority of these people could overcome their phobias and anxieties naturally instead of taking medication if they had the proper guidance and advice?

Melissa stories provide excellent advice and guidance for people who suffer from anxiety. I found the story extremely valuable and effective.

The trick is how do we reclaim and transform our lives so we can have a life filled with happiness and productivity. Melissa Woods teaches you in her book how to turn your life around with the tips, tools, strategies, and techniques provided in her story that is easy to incorporate in your life and very self-rewarding.

Woods not only discusses how to overcome anxiety effectively, she shows you how to transform your entire life as you read this astonishing life changing book.

Melissa Woods approach to anxiety helped me realize that WE control our bodies. We can change the way we think and feel by making productive lifestyle changes.

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are you can transform your life and create the life you always wanted for yourself. A life filled with happiness, inner peace, good health and strong inner strength that can lead you to endless opportunities and the ability to reach any level of success you desire.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in overcoming any type of anxiety or fear. Melissa Woods book is excitingly packed with outstanding advice, tools, and techniques. Stella’s life journeys provided in the book was captivating. It drew my attention. I was clearly able to visualize the story in my mind because it was detailed and well-written and I find "Getting Past Anxiety," a rewarding, motivating, inspiring and an enjoyable read.

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