Book Review: Making it Big- First Billionaire in His Own Words


Binod Chaudhary, who thought highly than my own father who believes that something must be given up to get something has moved on and succeeded believing he needed everything. Reading his biography also, we see that he is a very hard working individual. Chaudhary was crazy about business since his youth. Without that passion, he wouldn't have become Binod Chaudhary he is today. His passion towards his work made him what he is today. Chaudhary, who went to India with some allowance from his father with a person that worked for his father's company was moved by the majesty of the Taj Hotel and dreamed about going there at least once. Later on, he became one of the owners of that hotel. Dream is something we must do during the day time.


It is not necessary that those who dream big must be born in a family of rich and aristocrats. Rest of the thing depends upon the endeavor and hard work by the individual. In page 39, he mentions how neither the country, nor his own family business was in a stable situation. Chaudhary, who grew up in Khichapokhari of Kathmandu showed his business acumen since his days as a student. At school too, he was engaged in marketing and sales of different items. After his father grew sick, he overtook the business responsibility. Chaudhary is not just a good son, but also a great husband and father too. Searching for a great school for his children, he found a school in India to educate them. He knew the importance of education very well since he was himself a topper as a student. Education plays a vital role in the success.

His grand father's clothing business to his father's Pashupati biscuit to Arun Emporium, his journey in becoming a world class businessman contains many ups and downs. Binod reiterates that one who keeps on fighting the odds finally succeeds in life. His Wai Wai noodles business became so popular that he was named "WaiWai King." Wai Wai took his business to whole different level. Success needs hard work. Chaudary didn't leave any stone unturned to make Wai Wai a success. Formula for success is to continue working on national and international levels. From page 314 to 320, he explains the formulas to success which are lessons learned during a long period and very effective medicine for those engaged in business.


This book, which is brought out to the market by Penguin Groups is a book filled with stories of his own life. He has opened up a lot in this book. His book "Making it Big" is a very inspiring book. Everybody irrespective of their field can get some tips from this book. Thus, this is a very important book.