Book Review: Order of Seven By Beth Teliho

Order of Seven by Beth Teliho is a dazzling and thrilling story of mystery and self discovery as told through the female protagonist, Devi Bennett, a teen with fascinating supernatural powers. With the help of her brother Nodin and friends, the teens work together to peel back the layers of a good old fashioned mystery to discover how the record of history and the wisdom of magic and love, and the mystery of the universe can align to solve the question of Devi's heritage.

Beth Teliho has brilliantly woven together an intense and rich story filled with impressive detail. By blending history and religion, poetry and suspense, Teliho has created a story that is both captivating and haunting.

Devi in particular is a fresh and impressive female character for although male characters surround her, her integrity as a person is never in question. She is a fierce and determined young woman with goals, questions, and tenacious drive. Not once in the novel did I ever wonder if Devi would turn out to be a girl needing to be saved by a boy.

The Order of Seven is a great book for both female and male readers and although this is a YA novel, it is attention grabbing to adults as well. The vivid scenes in this book moved fluidly and beautifully as if I were watching the page unfurl onto a movie screen - which, with any luck will happen for Ms. Teliho.

If you want a book with tightly wound mystery that comes apart with twists and turns that is lead by a strong female character who goes through profound self-discovery then this is your book.

This book review by Sarah Cottrell was first published at The Bangor Daily News.