Book Review: The Best Resource Directory

2015-02-25-bestresourcedirectory.jpg The Best Resource Directory
By Mike Enemigo
Published by The Cell Block (2014)
P. O. Box 212, Folsom, CA 95763
ISBN 978-1492798408 $17.25
Available in paperback through Amazon.

The Best Resource Directory is a relatively new player in a small but vital marketplace: the industry that services those Americans incarcerated in our nation's prisons and jails. Mike Enemigo's directory is published by his growing enterprise, The Cell Block, which publishes fiction and non-fiction publications written by prisoners, including several titles by Enemigo himself (who is serving a life sentence in a California prison).

The Best Resource Directory is a terrific buy for any prisoner or their loved ones. It's chock-full of listings and contact information for a huge number of resource vendors for prisoners and their families. The directory has more than 200 pages worth of listings of service providers for prisoners, ranging all the way from listings of pro bono attorneys to photo sellers.

The Best Resource Directory is truly comprehensive; if a prisoner has a need, he or she can probably find someone within its pages to fill it. It represents a boon to the American prisoner population for the additional reason that it provides more competition to existing directories for this "captive audience," which represents a distressingly large chunk of the country's population. More sources and more resources for this demographic and their families are always needed. The Best Resource Directory meets that demand proudly.

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