17 Tote Bags Book Lovers Will Absolutely Adore

17 Tote Bags Book Lovers Will Absolutely Adore

Book nerds may not be stereotyped as the most fashionable group of people. The majority of us are near-sighted and thus must wear very thick-rimmed glasses. Unlike the rest of the world, we're not tweed-averse. We may or may not be open to the idea of fedoras. And we've been known to rock a literary-themed t-shirt or two.

But there is one corner of the fashion world that we've staked out and made our own: the canvas tote bag. It's functional, totally twee, and a fabulous way of showing love for our favorite books, authors or magazines. However, not all tote bags are created equal. Here are 17 of our absolute favorites:

Poe-ka Dots Tote
Ha! Get it? Ha ha! From Out of Print.
Market Tote Bag - Totes!
What book lover doesn't enjoy a good pun?From west elm.
Serif Tote
Sleek and clever.From Little Factory
'Sense and Sensibility' Tote
Litographs has a ton of duo-tone bags abstractly illustrating scenes from classic novels.From Litographs.
“There is No Explanation” Tote
Melville House made waves in the tote world with their "I would prefer not to" bag. Their latest only reinforces the fact that they have a knack for picking punchy mantras. From Melville House.
Book (Wine) Club Tote Bag
We're not necessarily in support of this philosophy, but we're not entirely opposed to it, either.From artsy modern.
Greek Coffee Cup Tote
As far as we're concerned, without caffeine, there'd be no reading. From Strand
Picasso Cats Tote
A cat is a book lover's best friend.From Etsy seller leahgoren.
French Cat Tote Bag
Did we mention cats?From Etsy seller Sobigraphie.
Constellation Tote Bag
For storing your answers to the mysteries of the universe (i.e. books), a bag featuring an illustration of the universe!From Etsy seller SleepyDreamer.
Little Houses Tote
Adorable!From Etsy seller hellopenny.
Disco Dot Mini Tote Bag
Lovely!From Etsy seller jenhewett
Peter Pan Thimble Kiss Canvas Tote Bag
Less well-read passerby may take this tote to be an invitation, but book lovers will know you're expressing your love for Peter Pan.From Etsy seller Seeker of Happiness
+1 Tote Bag
Show your support for this fantastic lit mag.From n+1.
New York Review Literary Greenwich Village Tote Bag
...or this other wonderful lit mag!From New York Review of Books.
Penguin Classics Totes
...or this fantastic publisher!From Penguin.
Wisdom by Winston Tote
A puppy, wearing glasses. Can you imagine a better bookish companion?From ModCloth.
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