Book Videos: 19 Of The Best And The Worst (VIDEOS)

Book Videos

Book videos, book trailers: Who actually watches them? Although we find ourselves pondering this question all too often, publishers, authors and publicists still push them all the time.

Beyond the standard -- and often boring -- book trailers, though, we've seen some amazing video content having to do with books this year. From Electric Literature's one sentence animations to Washington Post critic Ron Charles' awesome video reviews, from Richard Hine's crowd-sourced video campaign
to a new, satirical animation with talking bears, 2010 had plenty of great video content about books.

So, to find the best and the worst (to be sure we're entertained!) video content out there, on Monday morning we Tweeted:

#bookvideos: Got best/worst trailers or book related video? Tweet link w/hashtag or eml

Here's what you guys brought us -- and a few extras we just couldn't leave out! Let us know which are your favorites, either because they're that good or because they're just so gosh-darn bad!

book videos

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