Bookie Bets on Obama Acceptance Speech Clichés

Ahead of Obama's acceptance speech in Denver this Thursday, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has released a wide range of betting opportunities on the presidential hopeful's performance.
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Ahead of Barack Obama's democratic nomination acceptance speech in Denver this Thursday, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has released a wide range of betting opportunities on the presidential hopeful's performance.

Paddy Power is offering betting on what "cliché" Obama will use first during his much hyped speech. "I'm fired up" is the bookmaker's 6/1 favorite with J.F. Kennedy's "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names" is a less likely 100/1 shot.

Paddy Power is also betting on the color of Obama's tie as well as how many sips of water he takes during the speech.

Paddy Power said "This speech will be history in the making and will be watched by millions -- it's so much better fun if you can have a flutter on it too! I'm told that Obama has some Irish ancestry so I'm sure he won't be short of a word or two. It would be quite funny if he opened up with 'life is like a box of chocolates' -- who knows maybe he'll have a bet and do just that!"

Paddy Power Democratic Convention Betting:

Which of the following clichés will Obama mention first during his acceptance speech on Thursday?

10/1 Time for Change

12/1 I'd like to thank my wife

12/1 As I stand here today

12/1 Fundamental belief

12/1 Defining moment

12/1 God Bless America

14/1 Let me be clear

14/1 War on terror

14/1 Politics of hope

14/1 Common purpose

16/1 Crossroads of history

16/1 I have a dream

16/1 Pursuit of happiness

16/1 I'm fired up

16/1 Building a better America

18/1 My civil liberties

18/1 Same old politics

18/1 Core Values

18/1 Hungry for change

18/1 It won't be easy

20/1 Honor for me

20/1 Safe from harm

20/1 Don't get me wrong

20/1 Decent shot at life

20/1 They said this day would never come

20/1 Change is coming to America

25/1 There are better days ahead

25/1 Challenges that face us

25/1 Make Washington work

25/1 Hard to believe

25/1 We cannot lose hope

25/1 We can be one people

25/1 We'll have to make hard choices

100/1 Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

100/1 An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind

250/1 Let's get ready to rumble

250/1 Life is like a box of chocolates

500/1 Always bet on black!

How many times will Obama mention 'Change'?

During the recent Nevada Democratic debate, Obama mentioned change 15 times in the 28 responses he gave. In his victory speech in South Carolina he said the word "change" almost once every minute. How many times will Barack mention change during his acceptance speech of Thursday?

20/1 None

8/1 1 - 5 Times

4/1 6 - 10 Times

3/1 11 - 15 Times

2/1 16 - 20 Times

7/4 Over 20 Times

Color of Obama's Tie

Style conscious Barack is a big fan of blue ties but what color tie will the presidential hopeful wear during his acceptance speech on Thursday?

11/10 Blue

11/4 Grey

4/1 Black

8/1 Red

10/1 White

12/1 Pink

50/1 Bow tie

How many Sips of Water will Obama take?

Thursday's acceptance speech will be the biggest of Obama's political career so far. Will the proven public speaker hold his nerve? How many sips of water will Obama take during his acceptance speech on Thursday?

5/1 None

3/1 1 - 3 Sips

7/4 4 - 6 Sips

4/1 7 - 9 Sips

11/4 10 or more Sips

Who will the TV cameras cut to most during Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday?

5/4 Oprah

4/1 George Clooney

6/1 Robert DeNiro

8/1 Will.I.Am

10/1 Samuel L Jackson

12/1 Jennifer Aniston

14/1 Scarlett Johansson

16/1 Ben Affleck

18/1 Eva Longoria

20/1 Chris Rock

20/1 Cameron Diaz

25/1 Jessica Alba

25/1 P Diddy

50/1 Paris Hilton

500/1 Rev Jeremiah Wright


5/1 Hillary Clinton to be shown crying during Obama's acceptance speech

10/1 Any of the delegates to be pictured eating fried food

12/1 Obama to trip up on stage

50/1 Obama to come out on stage with his zipper open

33/1 A power cut during the speech

100/1 Speech to be interrupted due to a streaker on stage

Winning Candidate (Next President)

4/9 Barack Obama

13/8 John McCain

1000/1 Paris Hilton

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