16 Books Challenged For Their Gay Content

Radical Summer Reading: 16 Books Challenged For Gay Content

Remember when threw your TV remote across the room, hid your smart phone beneath your couch cushion and vowed that you and your family would read more this summer? Well, there's still plenty of summer left (right? right???) which means it's not too late to flip some pages -- and we're going to help you do so with radical flair.

We've compiled a list of books that have frequently faced controversy due, in part, to their gay content. From children's picture books, to young adult fiction, to modern classics, these books have been challenged -- defined by the American Library Association as an attempt to "remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group" -- for their perceived threats to the sexual status quo.

So whether you're in dire need of a book for the beach, a title to read to the kids before bed or just something to help get you through your daily commute, check out 16 titles below.

And then tell us what your favorite queer books are in the comments section below.

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16 Books Challenged For LGBT Content

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