Books And The Dead Tree Test: Do These Picks Pass It? (PHOTOS)

Forget profitability, forget the market. Over a year ago, we raised the question of whether or not a book should pass a dead tree test in order to justify its existence in print. Every day we receive piles of books from publishers all over the world and every day we hear HuffPost staff ask, "Where are the good ones?" Or, "Why is this a book instead of a website?"

There's a lot of death involved in making a book. Even if specially farmed trees are used, there's still a whole ecosystem being brought down when the trees are cut. Particularly paradoxical are the beautifully produced books much we waste our resources. Ouch. And in this day and age, readers are used to getting information on the web--such as diet, health and other how-to--that they used to get in books.

Well, HuffPost staff has its own opinions. What are yours? Let us know in the comments section below.

dead tree test
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