'Books For Christmas!?!?!?!': Angry Kid FLIPS OUT Over Christmas Gift (VIDEO)

"That's not toys! That's books," one little kid with very big opinions shouted at his parents last Christmas morning after unwrapping a package of three picture books.

The child cried: "Books for Christmas!?!?!?!"


Children's book editor Ruta Rimas Tweeted this morning, @RutaRascal:

Ick. I hate that kid.

She Tweeted this in response to children's book agent Chris Richman's posting @ChrisRichman:

Please, parents, tell me this kid is an anomaly Please?

The video, posted Christmas day one year ago, starts off funny, then turns horribly depressing. But what do you think? Is the video a sign of the imminent doom of children's book publishing? Let us know in the comments section below.