Books Written in Arabic, Classified as Security Threat in 2017

Today as a young Arab/ Muslim I got the advice of my life when a middle age British man told me “you left books written in Arabic on the table, this would make people feel concerned”.

I was sitting in a coffee shop In the UK, reading a book written in Arabic, then after some time I felt a bit warm and stiff. So I put on my coat and went out in front of the coffee shop to get some fresh air, few minutes later a man came up to me, which turned to be a customer who was sitting on the table next to me and said;

“You left your books on the table”.

My immediate response was to thank him as he might though I left and forgot my books behind, but then he said “But the books are in Arabic! You should not leave them on the table like that, you know what this means?!”.

Only then, it hit me that the man is not trying to remind me of my books! He’s implying that I shouldn’t have left my books on the table because they are written in Arabic, and in return they are a security threat!

So I asked him if the problem is not that I left books on the table, the problem that they are written in Arabic, and he answered, “Yes! Books written in Arabic left on the table, you know what that means, you know this would make people feel concerned” , then he just got in his car and left.

Today I was lucky to meet this humble man who just wanted to give me an advice, so I wanted to pass it to anyone who have any Arabic books, we are all aware of the high possibility of any Arabic content to explode, so please! Be very careful when you use any Arabic content in public, because You don’t want to risk people’s lives when you are reading a book written in Arabic, do you?!

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