Bookstore Bingo: 13 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Overheard In Bookstores (PHOTOS)


As in any retail job, people who work in bookstores have to deal with their fair share of strange comments from customers on a daily basis. But the assumptions some people make about bookstores can make for especially ridiculous questions, from funny title mix-ups to general confusion about what a bookstore does. Twitter user @JennIRL pointed out how crazy bookstore customers can be a few weeks ago when she started a hashtag on called #bookstorebingo, inspired by an article at the book blogShelf Awareness about a bookseller's husband who filled in for her and came back with a list of all the insane questions customers had asked him.

The #bookstorebingo hashtag has exploded on Twitter since then. Check out some of our favorites below, and add your own favorites to the list by taking a screenshot and clicking the "Add a Slide" button!

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