Bookstore Twitter Battle: New York Bookstores Have War Of Words Via Tweets

Bookstore Twitter Battle: New York Bookstores Have War Of Words Via Tweets

It's a veritable war of words between three New York bookstores on Twitter.

Manhattan's McNally Jackson and Housing Works Bookstore and Brooklyn's WORD have taken to the microblogging service to sling tongue-in-cheek insults at each other.

The bookstore battle started when @mcnallyjackson tweeted:

It is brutal out there in Manhattan today. Luckily for us we offer you something no other bookstore can: doors! They open AND close.

When Greenpoint's @wordbrooklyn protested McNally Jackson's "lies," the Manhattan independent bookstore stepped up its attack, tweeting:

@wordbrooklyn Admit it, you protect your books from the elements with frayed tarp flaps, while we offer our customers real doors AND hinges.

Them's clearly fighting words, and @wordbrooklyn responded in kind with such gems as:

@mcnallyjackson In fact, we offer curtains IN ADDITION to our real doors, for an added layer of warmth on these cold winter nights


@mcnallyjackson Harsh words from a bookstore known to be responsible for the spread of Dutch elm disease in Manhattan.

During this back and forth, the non-profit Housing Works Bookstore got in on the tweeting action, calling out both WORD and McNally Jackson:

Hey everybody, let's follow @mcnallyjackson, purveyors of shiny new books, exclusive West-Coast coffee, and vicious prevarications.


Housing Works Bookstore Cafe: Better wifi, less cannibalism than @wordbrooklyn or @mcnallyjackson.

The three bookstores proceeded to spend the rest of the day accusing each other of stealing customers kidneys, having books full of bodily fluids, and printing on baby panda hides.

To keep up on the latest barbs that would make even Shakespeare proud, follow @mcnallyjackson, @wordbrooklyn, and @HousingWorksBks.

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