Men's Fashion In Your 50s

Remember, it's not about looking like you did 20 years ago
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Men turn fifty, look in the mirror and panic. If they haven't stayed on top of health, fitness and style, there comes a day when they ask themselves "what happened?" Too young to be old and too old to be Abercrombie and fifty-something... personal style can become overwhelming!

Having had the pleasure of working with some of the most powerful "post fifty" men in business, I have seen the triumphs and pitfalls when it comes to optimally surpassing that mid-century mark. There are three schools of thought: looking young, looking good or resignation.

For men, the career and family balance sometimes gets in the way of fitness and health. Many men are taskmasters and think they can check off the boxes for married, children and career, as they let it all go and expect their wives to love them as they are.

When it comes to aging, it's best to go "with it" rather than fight it and take the looking "good" rather than looking "young" route that our media has become obsessed with.

It really becomes a question of maintenance: What is enough and what is too much? Below are a few guidelines that can help define the fine line between the two:

  1. Put effort into staying as healthy and fit as possible. This will positively affect your emotional well-being as well as your energy level. Regular health checks are important, but there are so many more fun ways to stay healthy! Many of our clients who are couples achieve this by adding active elements to their luxurious vacations. For example, two weeks in Italy with a three-day bike ride in the middle, to balance out the fine food and wine.

  • Do what you need to do to maintain your skin. At the very least, use moisturizer and sun protection. Invest in facials, even if only twice per year. Do not be afraid to see a dermatologist for more advanced methods of skin maintenance. The goal here is to look healthy and fresh, and there are so many procedures that will promote healthier looking skin.
  • Commit to a budget that you are comfortable with spending on your wardrobe and stick to it. Be realistic -- you owe it to yourself.
  • If you wear a suit everyday, keep it up-to-date (every five to ten years is not enough!) You don't have to sacrifice comfort to look current, so don't get stuck in a rut. Men's clothes are not a complete reinvention each season (like women's), so looking modern does not require regular trips to the drawing board.
  • Think clean and chic with your style. It's ok to wear cool sneakers and a jacket, but I would suggest staying away from t-shirts with numbers or letters and anything you wore in college. You don't want to try to look like you're 20-something. Remember, it's about looking great, not necessarily young.
  • Don't neglect your casual clothes just because you've got it down with the work uniform. The weekend and casual arena is where most men show their age and let fall by the wayside.
  • Remember, it's not about looking like you did 20 years ago; it's about looking your best, and "feeling it" now and at this age!

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