Boomerang Kids, Get Out Of The House!: Readers' Tips For Parents

How To Get Your Boomerang Kid Out Of The House

Much like the object they're named after, the topic of boomerang kids keeps coming back up. Recently on HuffPost Live, host Abby Huntsman and six guests met to talk about their experiences, as a response to a tongue-in-cheek Huff/Post50 blog post by Ronna Benjamin about her attempts to "starve" her boomerang kid out of the house.

"When should parents cut the cord and how do they do it?" asked HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman.

It's a question more parents are finding themselves having to answer: 29 percent of young adults are finding themselves moving back home. And the arrangement can lead to some boundary issues, said Robin Amos Kahn, a mother who shared her loft with her daughter, a roommate and the roommate's son and his girlfriend.

Even though it eventually worked out, "everyone had to shift bedrooms and it was a little awkward," Kahn acknowledged. "It's challenging."

"I came back home from college one day, and they were like 'So, we're going to sell the house and if you want anything, we're not your storage unit anymore so take anything you want because we're leaving,'" said HuffPost Live producer Charlie James of her parents, the Gypsy Nesters (who uprooted their lives to travel).

The story got a laugh from both parents and child, but Benjamin's blog post drew hundreds of comments, with some reader's sharing their own stories of getting their kids out of the house (as well as stories of their moms and dads giving them the boot). See the slideshow below for some of our reader's tips on how to send your boomerang kid packing, and share your own stories in the comments below.

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