Boost Your Sales With Periscoping!

Photo from Dollarphotoclub

Have you ever considered using the new popular app, Periscope as a sales tool? What is Periscope anyway? It's a newer social media platform available on an app for smartphones. It works alongside Twitter, allowing users to live stream videos, interacting with their network and other users from around the world. Periscope uses a different approach than Instagram or Vine; it allows you to create your video in real time.

Here's some impressive statistics about the new social media kid on the block.
• 350,000 hours of video content is streamed daily on Periscope. That's more than 40 years of video each day.
• There are nearly 2 million daily active users.
• Periscope is available in 25 languages.
• These numbers are growing daily.

What things might you have done if you knew that Instagram would be as big as it is? With Periscope, you have that opportunity. Periscope gives you the chance to be on the ground floor of an exciting video revolution that can assist with you getting to closing in record time.

So why use Periscope if you are a professional?

Most people have an Android or an iPhone at their fingertips. It's safe to say 99.9% of people own some version of a smartphone.

Downloading the Periscope app is as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you get lost, there're instructions on YouTube. View a video of how to do it. First, join the ranks of scopers (someone who uses Periscope) from all over the world. Check out a few of the popular Periscopers like Alex Pettitt, Alex Khan, Joanne Pham, Ryan Steinolfson, Kim Garst and Shawn Matthews to get the most current info on what's new on Periscope.

When something is new, people flock to it out of mere curiosity. In your next newsletter encourage your readership to follow you. Put your Periscope handle on your business cards and watch the number of your followers increase exponentially. More followers, more prospects.

Promoting your business on a new app that is designed to be informative and educational with a side of social is a great place to differentiate your brand and boost your visibility in the market. People like to connect with the people they are doing business with and get to know them before they sign on the dotted line. In order to be effective as a salesperson, it's time to put your inhibitions behind you. Talking to and promoting yourself to prospects is what you do anyway.

Why not expand your reach by becoming a Periscope Super Star? Imagine the power in not only featuring your expertise on Periscope but taking potential clients on live behind-the-scene adventures or having them participate in Q&A's. This can happen in live streaming on Periscope and can also be posted on Twitter.

For sales professionals, Periscope is a goldmine full of possibilities. Why not start panning for gold today and be well on your way to increasing your Periscope popularity and bottom line at the same time. Happy Periscoping!

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