Marvel At The Greatness Of These Bootleg Avengers Action Figures

From the other smash hit film, "Revengers: Endless Tussle."

“Avengers: Infinity War” is disassembling box offices around the world right now. It had the largest opening weekend of any film in history, not adjusting for inflation. That’s bound to inspire bootleggers trying to cash in on the film’s success.

Comedian Jeff Wysaki, however, took film franchise bootlegging in a different direction. He didn’t simply riff on “The Avengers.” He made it his own. Meet the heroes who will defend Earth during the events of “Endless Tussle.” It’s the Revengers!

Among their mighty ranks are The Incredible Fella, Regular Raccoon, Token Girl, Fedora Ron and Knighty Night! 

There was a time when you could have purchased these figures, but they’re sold out. Even if you can’t get your hands on one, you can still get a laugh from them.

Here’s hoping we’ll soon see the unveiling of Detective Horse, Hacker Boy and, no doubt the most powerful of the group, Greg.

Revengers, CONVENE!