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19 Pairs of Boots, All On Sale For Less Than $100

Okay, it's time to face the music. It's fall. And by fall, we mean almost winter. So it's about time you get your cold-weather wardrobe together. Though buying cozy knits and cords is exciting, it seems like winter clothes cost a whole lot more than summer clothes -- does everything really need to be cashmere and suede?

The idea of shelling out serious cash for warm clothes may seem cringe-worthy, but there are actually a lot of items for the season that are already on sale.

Boots, for example, are discounted across the board. It's early November, but you can score a great deal on fall and winter footwear. To help you save some dollar bills, we've rounded up 19 pairs of boots that are on sale for under $100. Happy shopping!

19 Pairs Of Boots For Under $100

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