Woman Flips Pen Into Can With Butt And Starts New Internet Craze

She invites other people to join the #bootyflipchallenge.

It’s the booty flip seen around the world ― or at least around the internet.

On March 3, Sydney Vermilyea, a student at Occidental College near Los Angeles, kicked off a viral meme when she posted a video on Twitter of something she called the #bootyflipchallenge

The stunt basically requires a person to stick their posterior near a trash can while another person throws a pen at them.

The first person is then supposed to flip the pen into the trash can with a simple flip of their booty (hence the name).

Spoiler alert: It’s not easy, hence the use of the word “challenge.”

Check it out using the magic of “GIF-arama”:

It’s impressive. Note the smug look on Vermilyea’s face when she completes the flip successfully.

Others have since taken up the #bootyflipchallenge, some with more success than others.

It remains to be seen whether the #bootyflipchallenge will become as big or annoying as other meme crazes like the Mannequin Challenge, planking, Tebowing or owling.



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