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16 Artworks That Sing The Holy Praises Of The Booty (NSFW)

Warning: There will be butts. This one may not be suitable for work.


Note: This post contains many images of butts, like for example, these two.

Do you bow down to the butt, the batty, the badonkadonk? Do you go weak for those cheeks? Worship at the almighty altar of ass?

Okay, you get the picture. And the picture is a butt. If such a picture sounds appealing -- and, according to nearly every relevant trend piece, it does -- we highly recommend you make your way over to Superchief's Brooklyn group art exhibition exalting the ineffable beauty of the backside.

The show is beautifully titled "Booty Worship," and over the next month, the gallery will roll out artwork from over 60 artists who have one thing in common. Hint: it's not their artistic medium.


Shelby Sells - @sweaterpuppiez

"Everyone has one," the gallery wisely noted in a statement, referencing humanity's penchant for having a posterior. It continues by proclaiming its show to be "the best body specific, booty delicious gallery special feature this side of the Atlantic! In the Big Apple, all walks of life will be portrayed in the appreciation of butts! It’s time to show them off and let ‘em shine!"

From elicit polaroids to raunchy feminist comics, the tuchus-tastic artworks on view show there is no right way to love a butt. We're not often pumped for art shows that explicitly focus on the unclothed female physique. However, "Booty Worship," with its body positive tone and nasty-silly spirit, it's hard not to like. As blogger Katie Rosenthal put it:

"These images are created for a female viewer just as much as for a male, and, at its best, the show puts the female body in a rightful place of power. Maybe the big juicy ass of the future hasn’t yet shoved aside the old tired phallus of the past, but the young artists featured at Superchief are reimagining our media and its stereotypes to celebrate girl culture, youth, and all of our bodies."

The exhibition opens June 4, 2015, at Tender Trap in Brooklyn, and will include "booty themed" performances. Every Thursday for the rest of the month, a stream of new artists will unveil their personal homages to where your poop comes out. We're not sure if you're ready for this aesthetically stimulating jelly, but here's a preview to get you in the zone.

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