100-Year-Old Woman Says 'Booze' Is The Secret To Longevity

100-Year-Old Woman Says 'Booze' Is The Secret To Longevity

Yes, an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a cold glass of beer may help you live to 100. At least that's what one centenarian thinks.

Pauline Spagnola who celebrated her 100th birthday recently, told reporters that the key to longevity is "a lot of booze," WNEP-16 reports. Spagnola had a small birthday party held for her at an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania, where she lives, complete with cake and balloons. We're not sure if there was any booze or not, but we think it's safe to say the birthday girl probably threw back a few. Talk about drinking to your health.

Just last month another centenarian, Mark Behrends of Nebraska, claimed that a beer a day (perfectly timed at 3 p.m.) helped keep him young. Behrends jokes that beer is like "his medicine."

Other centenarians have cited a wide variety of things -- including getting enough sleep, staying stress-free and even eating bacon -- as their secrets to a long life. The woman who is currently thought to be the oldest in the world, Jeralean Talley, says living by the golden rule is her fountain of youth. Sounds like good advice.

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