How To Make Booze-Infused Pop Tarts For Breakfast

If you're going to eat a pop tart for breakfast, you might as well be a grown-up about it. Make it boozy.

These besprinkled toaster pastries whipped up by F and B department are real fancy; they're made with fig jam and a ruby port wine glaze. Since these pastries are homemade, their glaze is applied warm and gooey, not stuck on like plastic as the average store-bought frosted topping often is. They're not your toddler's pop tart.

While this specific recipe calls for port and fig, there's no reason you can't experiment with your favorite booze and jam. Doesn't a Nutella-filled pastry dressed in a pinot noir glaze sound positively bad*?

Whatever you decide to concoct, make sure to wash it all down with something equally deluxe, be it a Bellini, a mimosa or something similar. Get the full recipe from F and B Department here.

*By bad, I mean good.

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