Borat Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' To Trash Donald Trump

Great success!

Borat is a big fan of Donald Trump ... NOT!

The Kazakhstan transplant, who is apparently unaware he's a character played by actor Sacha Baron Cohen, crashed "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday to warn everyone that Cohen has a new offensive character we should watch out for: presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

"You're saying Donald Trump is a Sacha Baron Cohen character?" asked Kimmel.

"Yes, and a very unbelievable one," said Borat. "The only person who would ban Muslims is someone with a brain like a female chicken," he continued.

Borat also introduced the trailer for Cohen's new film "The Brothers Grimsby," which he isn't a fan of, and there's even a special cameo at the end.

It was all very nice!

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