Borat Dupes Donald Trump Supporters: 'I'm A Racist. It Is Nice.'

Sacha Baron Cohen's character celebrated the caging of immigrant children with an unwitting Trump supporter on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen jumped back into character as the bumbling Kazakh journalist on Tuesday night’s midterm election special broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Borat went door to door in an unidentified Los Angeles neighborhood in a bid to drum up support for President Donald Trump and the GOP.

“Russia interfere with the presidential election,” he said. “But now, all eyes are on them. So, it’s up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump. I come to California to do election tampering.”

In the process, he found out what some Trump supporters really thought of the administration’s border family separation policy, the “fake news” media and racism.

Cohen made headlines earlier this year with his Showtime series “Who Is America,” in which he donned disguises to dupe controversial political figures.

Check out the clip above.