Borat Theme Played Instead Of Kazakstan National Anthem At Kuwaiti Sporting Event (VIDEO)

Borat 'National Anthem' Played For Kazakstan Athletes

Wo-wo-wee-wah! Kazakh athletes were left enraged after a parody of their national anthem from the spoof film "Borat" was played for a gold medallist at a competition in Kuwait.

Mariya Dmitriyenko won a gold medal in the 75 target event at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait, when the offending anthem was played. Instead of hearing "My Kazakhstan", (you can listen to a excerpt here), she was forced to endure a song that mocked her country.

Other Kazakh athletes immediately demanded that organizers turn the song off, only to be told that was the music authorities had provided, according to Radio Free Europe.

The Kazakh team requested an apology from the organizers and the medal ceremony was subsequently re-run.

The song came from the 2006 film "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan", which caused widespread outrage in Kazakhstan for its unflattering portrayal of life in the country.

The spoof song praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region.

Kazakhstan experienced a similar gaffe on its own soil back in March, according to Organizers of a domestic skiing festival played Ricky Martin’s Livin’ la Vida Loca instead of the Kazakh national anthem.

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