Borders are Only for Poor People

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A high-flying candidate for president’s connections to Russia are becoming increasingly clear: Russian spies appear to have intervened in the US election, and he’s called on them to do it again; prominent columnists on both the right and the left have suggested that he may be financially linked to Russian oligarchs, possibly through his debts, and there’s a credible argument that his potential presidency may serve as a vehicle for payback.

Chuck Todd of NBC News says this candidate is a “threat to the sovereignty of the United States.” A senior member of his own party says his call for more Russian intervention is “tantamount to treason.” Yet nobody seems to expect that he’ll face any accountability. As the standard-bearer of a major political party, he’s reached an elite echelon where almost nobody ever does.

At the same time, this candidate’s signature proposal is to build a wall shutting poor people in other countries out of the opportunities available here.

At the other party’s convention this week, one of the speakers was Ima Matul, a former slave, originally from Indonesia, whose “trafficker warned that if she left [captivity] the [American] police would arrest her and put her in jail, where she would be beaten and raped.” The threat worked for 3 years, because borders strip most of us of our rights when we cross them.

<em> Ima Matul</em>
Ima Matul

The ironic injustice of national borders is on full-spectrum display this week.

How much longer will we accept it?


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