These 29 Photos Of Procrastination Porn Will Cure Your Boredom

Some people use their downtime at work to complete so-called "projects" that need to "get done" in order to contribute to the business' so-called "bottom line."

And sure, that's probably the correct use of company time. But shouldn't we take a minute to appreciate the geniuses who dedicate themselves day after day to the creation of intricate, impressive and completely useless office art instead?

After all, if not us, who will celebrate the remarkably balanced penny stacks, paper plate sculptures and staple remover monsters of the world? No one, that's who!

So stop whatever constructive work you're doing right now and check out these wonderful examples of procrastination porn. Then you can get back to "work."

Think you're stressed? Not compared to coffee cup man.

coffee cup man

And yes, keeping everything from crashing down can be tough.
balanced cigarette boxes

Because not all of us can have work-life balance quite like this.
balancing hammer

Even if we really do know how to balance our finances.
balancing pennies

Face it, no one's made of money.
abe lincoln money man

So when things get out of order...
paper plate sculpture's time to let your imagination sail.
lemon sail boat

Or fly you to a galaxy...
sharpie xwing

...that's far, far away (and apparently delicious).
sauce packet atat

One filled with mythical beasts.
clip scorpion

Some whose outrage you can totally identify with.
standing staple remover monster

So best to come equipped.
straw bow and arrow

In case of a fight.
gummy bear duel

Like the one you had with that client who just wouldn't let you pass.
office balrog

Or with that paper-eating machine.
paper eating staple monster

So make sure to bring your catapult.
pencil catpault

So you can destroy this staple city.*
staple city

And protect your beautiful mountain landscape.
size button art

Point is, there are lots of ways to keep your cool when things get weird.
clip burst sculpture

A delicious snack never hurt.
starburst hot dog

Or a Starburst double cheeseburger.
starburst burger

Maybe some pie.
pie walmart display

Or a Poké Ball pizza pie.
pokeball pizza

Or you can just take a little dance break.
ballroom dancers sign

Or do the robot.
cardboard box robot

And everything will feel like dragonflies...
paperclip dragonflies

starburst unicorn

And rainbows.
paper clip rainbow

So guys, thumbs up? Thumbs up.
dude in chairs

*OK, we're not so sure this one was made at work.

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