Boring Office GoPro Parody Makes Menial Tasks Totally Epic

Got a boring day job? Well, it turns out that's not a barrier to Internet fame.

YouTube user Braziliandanny strapped on a GoPro camera and made a short film documenting an average mundane day in the office. The video comically juxtaposes a montage of cranking out photocopies, mailing envelopes and drinking coffee with a bumping soundtrack by, appropriately enough, the band OVERWERK.

Watch the video above.

It's presented in the style of a commercial, although the creator's company doesn't appear to have been involved. But contrary to the typical action-packed GoPro montage, the film documents a solitary, menial and chock-full-of-manila-envelopes day at a boring office job.

The filmmaker explained on Reddit that he was able to shoot the film at his real estate firm's office because "a lot of people are out with clients," noting that he waited until everyone was out to shoot certain scenes. But what may have started out as a matter of necessity ended up making a subtle -- although perhaps unintentional -- point about the modern workplace.

There's an existential, absurd tone to the video, which features no dialogue and no people other than the filmmaker. While the rest of us may not necessarily walk the empty hallways of a deserted office, there's something to be said about the isolating effects of office life: The conventions we honor in order to get along with our co-workers may deny our individuality; the technology we use to accomplish our tasks can isolate us from others in the office, even as it brings us closer in the digital space.

While "Boring Office Job" might not be as exciting as an epic snowboarding montage, watching it is definitely more fun than actually sealing and stamping envelopes.

Now, get back to work.



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