Watch Boris Johnson Get Told Off To His Face In The Most British Way Possible

The British prime minister's meet-and-greet with voters didn't go well -- but at least it was polite.

The man who greeted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was all smiles as the two shook hands.

He leaned in to talk to the beleaguered prime minister in what certainly looked like a friendly way. The four simple words he spoke were anything but.

“Please leave my town,” the unnamed man said on Monday as he shook hands with Johnson. 

“I will, very soon,” replied Johnson, who has suffered a series of stinging defeats in Parliament capped off this week by the resignation of his own brother, Jo Johnson.  

The man in the video then patted the prime minister on the back and the two went their separate ways in this now-viral moment shared on Twitter: 

The scene took place in Morley, in England’s West Yorkshire county, The Guardian reported. The BBC noted that Johnson encountered a number of hecklers there

The incident also caused #PleaseLeaveMyTown to take off on Twitter as Johnson critics celebrated the moment: